Work Packages and Deliverable

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D1.04: Internal Platform / Website

D2.01: Comparative Analysis of different Data Protection Curricula   -   Download

D2.02: Terms of Reference   -   Download

D2.03: State of the Art Comparative Analysis   -   Download

D2.04: Recommendations for Designing and Delivering a Joint VET Curriculum and an Occupational Profile for DPOs   -   Download

D2.05: A Joint DPO VET Curriculum accompanied by a detailed WBL Scheme

D2.06: An Awareness raising Curriculum on Data Protection for current and future employee

D2.07: The Joint DPO VET Curicullum support material (3 packages)   -   Download

D2.08: The Data Protection employees Awareness Raising Training Programme (3 packages)

D2.09: Data Protection and GDPR Learning Resources for learners and wider audiences

D2.10: Resources on Data Protection and related Case Studies

D2.11: Data Protection WBL Employer Manual   -   Download

D2.12: Adaptation Workshop   -   Download

D2.12: Report from Adaptation Workshop.pdf   -   Download

D2.13: Two (2) Curriculum Piloting phase   -   Download

D2.15: On line web platform for “Data Protection Ready” Employees   -   Download

D3.01: Preparation of an assessment standards documents

D3.02: Methodology for Quality Assurance of DPO VET Curricula

D3.04: Guidelines for licensing of a DPO VET Curriculum.pdf   -   Download

D3.06: Workshop/Conference at Greece

D3.07: Workshop/Conference at Germany

D3.08: Workshop/Conference at Cyprus

D3.09: Workshop/Conference at Belgium

D4.01: Evaluation Methodology