Expected Impact

Expected Impact

Our Project aims to develop “enhanced reflexes”, soft skills and competences for DPOs in order to better adapt to the new data protection regime. It establishes integral mechanisms for consultation and active involvement among all stakeholders and end users.

We are confident that through the implementation of “DataPRO” we are going to achieve an important Social and Financial Impact, because:

A. A better prioritization of Data Protection investments and budget allocation will be achieved.

Hence, the annual number of security breaches across Europe has reached 27.4% (Accenture report on cost of cyber-crime, 2017) with huge financial losses, a fact that urges companies to invest on an unprecedented scale.

Our proposed Joint Occupational Profile, Joint VET curricula and targeted in-business training accompanied with an open consultation process, are going to reduce these breaches with a direct financial benefit for Businesses.

B. Personal Data is going to be secured and data breaches or leaks will be reduced significantly.

In a digital world, where Personal Data of any kind (even health related) is stored online, we are providing a solid approach towards security. Society is going to feel more secure, while data breaches of “sensitive” data will be reduced though our Activities, that will result to a more Data Protection related qualified workforce.