Foster employability of young learners and employees

in the data protection Sector, providing them with the new Data Protection Skills Sets, achieving higher connectivity between the emergence of new job roles and associated skills needs from the 2016/679 Directive.

Enhance transparency and harmonization of Sectoral skills and qualifications

of data protection employees, providing a new Occupational Profile which includes the new "soft skills" needed in the data privacy area.

Support the preparation and setting-up of a new Joint VET Curricula

for data protection officers that is going to cover "horizontally" the main areas of skills and competences and share a common learning experience among them at a European level. From our research on the current VET curricula, differentiation among offered courses (regarding duration, learning material, etc) hardens the development of a harmonised common approach and sharing of new ideas on actual needs in the data privacy sector.

Create a standardized VET Certification for DPOs

that is going to validate the abilities and competences of potential Sector employees. The purpose of this is to overlap the fragmented certification system deriving from different certification schemes among Europe.

Develop a new Work Based Learning Scheme

that is going to provide the necessary linkage between VET Training and Actual Work and enhance real learning about real issues in the data privacy sector, based on companies’ actual needs.

Foster cross-border, transnational and inter-regional mobility

of data protection employees that leads to knowledge transfer and new job opportunities in an internationally interdependent environment that is already created in the data protection sphere. This way, data protection employees become catalysers of European collaboration.