DataPro: Pilot Implementation has just started !!!

Theoretical Training

The Joint DPO VET Curriculum is now available on the DataPro Training Platform !

  • It is an asynchronous virtual training course of a total duration of 40 hours which is open and freely accessible requiring only a simple registration.
  • It is addressed to businesses and professionals who work in the Data Protection Sector (DPOs) and learners who are interested in being employed in the field.
  • It is structured around 4 units related to the content of the GDPR 2016/679 and the responsibilities of DPOs and includes additional resources for further study.
  • To attend the course, register now via the link: Upon successful completion, the participants will receive an automatically issued certificate of attendance.

Work-Based Learning

The learners who will have successfully completed the theoretical training may apply for the 2nd phase of the pilot implementation and take part in online thematic sessions with qualified professors and highly experienced market representatives to deepen their knowledge on the field, to contemplate real-life scenarios and case studies and get to know the DPOs working day as well as to exchange views and opinions on the opportunities, challenges and employment prospects in the sector. Above all, they will discuss about the actual changes that have been brought to businesses after the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2016/679.

Before the online sessions take place, the selected participants will have been divided into 3 groups that will be asked to prepare a brief statement on the case studies that will have been distributed to them beforehand. These statements will be grounded and test the theoretical knowledge acquired during the 1st phase of the pilot implementation and they will contribute to the topics that will be analyzed during the sessions. This way, the learners will be actively involved to shaping a unique training experience focusing on modern and market-oriented results.

The total duration of WBL will not exceed 10 hours. All participants will receive certificates of participation.