We have successfully completed our Training Needs Analysis

The DataPro project embarked on ambitious and extensive research with a view to identify, map and analyse the landscape regarding curricula provision at European and international level, the challenges, needs, skill gaps and training needs in the Data Protection field. We have conducted a survey, focus groups and in-depth interviews in three European countries and we have amassed valuable insights from almost 400 participants.

The research conducted culminated in the publication of the following deliverables:

D.2.1 Comparative Analysis of Different Data Protection Curricula: This key product of the project that was based in an extensive desk research identifies and analyses Curricula in Greece, Germany, and Cyprus and at European and international level.

D.2.3 State of the Art Comparative Analysis: This report elaborates the findings from the extensive field work that used three techniques: survey, focus groups and in depth interviews.

D.2.4 Recommendations for Occupational Profile: This deliverable amalgamates all research work and knowledge that led to the mapping of skills gaps and training needs and comes to clearly delineate the Occupational profile of a Data Protection officer that will inform the design of the Curricula.

You can access the full reports at our website: www.datapro-project.eu